Black and White photography with a pinch is dedicated mainly to black and white photos with a pinch of colour or the usage of other selective methods to emphasise specifics within a picture.

Daniel Gnoth's interest in photography stems from his father, Dr Klaus Gnoth who was an avid photographer. Observing his father in his own dark room using various techniques to influence the outcome of specific photos and seeing the mysterious emergence of pictures on white paper when soaked in the developing bath piqued his interest even further.

At the age of 14, Daniel successfully convinced his father to part with one of his cameras to try the magic of photography himself. Alongside his father Daniel spent many hours learning the finer details of black and white photography, film development and developing prints in the dark room.
After a brief encounter with a Rollei Viewfinder Camera, he moved soon to his first SLR an Exakta. Becoming increasingly focused and passionate about his hobby he soon upgraded to a Pentax from his father's collection. But nothing is as exciting as owning a self-earned camera. As soon as pocket money allowed, Daniel bought himself two second-hand Minolta bodies and a couple of lenses. These were destined to stay with him into adulthood until Daniel finally decided to follow the main stream of autofocus cameras by purchasing a Canon EOS.

Daniel jumped onto the “digital” bandwagon at quite an early stage of the technology with a Nikon bridge camera since digital SLRs were still out of reach. As soon as digital SLRs became affordable he switched back to SLR photography due to the endless creative possibilities which you can experience here at his gallery.